AVer adds AVerVision F50HD to visualizer lineup

AVer adds AVerVision F50HD to visualizer lineup
Aver has introduced a flexible arm visualizer in the shape of the AVerVision F50HD. The gooseneck flexible arm allows the product to be conveniently manipulated in order to achieve the desired camera positioning.

The camera on the AVerVision F50HD provides 8X optical zoom and 200X zoom total. A shuttles when can be used for the purposes of zooming and navigating the menu. The product comes with a HDMI output and provides full HD 1080p images. A VGA output is also available.

In terms of inputs, the F50HD has a HDMI port. Aver’s Sphere2 software and ClassSend app can be used in conjunction with the AVerVision F50HD. Both platforms can be used to send images from the F50HD to other users who can communicate answers back.

The AVerVision F50HD is intended for use in the education sector, specifically lecture halls and tertiary learning spaces.

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