AVB boost as AVnu signs switch manufacturer

AVB boost as AVnu signs switch manufacturer
AVnu Alliance has signed up switch manufacturer Arista Networks as its latest member in a boost to the Audio Video Bridging (AVB) standard.

Ed Chapman, vice president of business development and alliances at Arista, said: "With the backing of AVnu, we hope to spread the implementation of AVB as a next generation solution for the audio video industry by leveraging our best of breed switches and low-cost Ethernet economics."

As a member of the Alliance, Arista plans to have its AVB networking product lines certified. The company has previously showcased the ability to transport real-time media with accurate time synchronisation using AVB on next generation switches.

Rick Kreifeldt, president and chair of the AVnu Alliance, said: “As the AVnu Alliance continues to grow and drive AVnu-certification, we welcome the addition of a key provider of networking equipment including Ethernet switches and routers.

"Arista Networks' participation will provide the ability to further support simple, reliable A/V using AVB with enabled switches and help us continue to grow the AVnu-certified ecosystem."

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