AV Tech opens up a world of museums in Romania

AV Tech opens up a world of museums in Romania
A museum in Romania is utilising 3D projection, 3D screens and a host of touchscreens to allow visitors to explore exhibitions and displays from numerous museums around the world. The Digital Museum was designed by architect Claudiu Ionsecu to deliver a great number of presentations within a very small space. It is situated near the Mures Floodplain Natural Park in Pecica, Romania.

Forty-five inch touchscreens and passive 3D technologies are packed into the 125m² space.

Content ranges from exhibits from museums around the world down to information on the local area. The museum also encourages visitors to explore the local area virtually using exercise bikes coupled with digital displays or physically using one of 60 mountain bikes.

Ionescu said: “Inspired by Constantin Brancusi’s ‘miracle’ sculpture, the building rises naturally from the ground through golden spirals (the fibonacci spirals) and crystallizes in a shape that, just like its muse, tries to set itself free from ‘the past burdens’, striving to rise high. Its shape offers the visitor a feeling of aspiration, an aspiration not only of the building, but of life itself.”

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