AV takes centre stage in Microsoft's vision of the future

Microsoft recently revealed its vision of the future through a video that explores how emerging technologies could shape the world in the next five to ten years. The video doesn't reveal any specifics regarding product development but it does show that the technology giant's vision of the future heavily relies on AV product development.

The short film titled Productivity Future Vision follows Kat, a marine biologist, and Lola, an entrepreneur, to show how emerging technologies could affect how people will interact with friends, colleagues and the world in both work and leisure time.

It shows collaboration and communication via wearable devices as well as flexible, paper-thin personal tablet style devices and large format, sleek displays, often in the form of glass panels. Three-dimensional, interactive, holographic style images also make an appearance.

Control and interaction is largely handled by touch. The film also details how local and remote participants can work together on shared digital canvases. Furthermore, data visualisation plays a big part. A prospective employer is able to call up information on suitable candidates, which is organised and visualised quickly and clearly.