AV Stumpfl aligns media control products to unveil unified offering

AV Stumpfl aligns media control products to unveil unified offering
AV Stumpfl revealed a complete shake-up of its media player and show control products when it unveiled Wings AV Suite at a busy partner event in Munich, Germany.

Fred Neulinger, technical director, announced updates and additional functionality for Wings Vioso, ISEO and AV Stumpfl’s media player before unveiling io, a communication language developed by AV Stumpfl. The development cements the updated products - which comprise wings vioso, wings engine, wings touch and wings avio – into one unified offering.

The driving force behind the development was to simplify a sprawling range of products and focus on core markets, according to Neulinger.

Speaking at the event on June 27 at Munich’s Allianz Arena, Neulinger said the company wanted to pursue "knowledge markets" and relax its focus low budget areas such as digital signage.

Wings engine, the company’s new media server, forms the heart of Wings AV suite. The product, which boasts a touch screen, Neutrik connectors and new inputs, was dramatically unveiled and even drew a round of applause when Neulinger revealed AV Stumpfl was cutting out OEM involvement.

The company is focusing on three key areas; installation, show control and theatre with dual and quad versions of the media player to offer six configurations of Wings AV Suite. Wings engine is packaged with wings vioso and wings touch, while wings avio hardware modules are available as required.

A beta version will be shipped in July and Wings Suite will be available in Autumn 2012.