AV’s place in retail banking highlighted at London conference

AV’s place in retail banking highlighted at London conference
AVIXA is hosting discussions using AV technologies to enhance the retail banking experience at conferences in the UK and Prague.

A discussion titled “Retail Banking in the Audiovisual Age” is being staged today at the Retail Banking Conference 2019 in London, ahead of a second presentation at Retail Banking Europe 2019 on November 14 in Prague. 

Brad Grimes, senior director of communications at AVIXA, is hosting the London event with Andy Turnbull, creative director of Honest, the design firm behind a 13,500 sq ft flagship London branch for British bank Halifax. 

The Halifax branch includes a café, touchscreen kiosks, digital signage, and a custom-built LED halo display.
Grimes said: "The banking industry is changing rapidly to meet the expectations of modern customers.

"Like retail stores, banks are beginning to reimagine their physical spaces to be more experiential, less transactional. Audiovisual technologies contribute to elevating that customer experience, appealing to an increasingly tech-savvy clientele, and ultimately driving business results - online and offline." 

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