AV excellence at the Supreme Assembly of Uzbekistan

AV excellence at the Supreme Assembly of Uzbekistan
Redmouse rose to the task of completing a new, vast parliament like no other. Reece Webb reports.

The Oliy Majilis, known as the Supreme Assembly of Uzbekistan, has found itself a new, future-proofed home in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, fitted with the latest videoconferencing facilities and high-quality audio to bring Uzbekistan’s parliamentary business into the future.

Located in a six-storey building formerly occupied by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the building was entirely reconstructed with new facilities to meet the needs of a modern parliament.

Uzbekistan has seen dramatic change in recent years, and the new parliament building reflects this, lavishly decorated inside and out. The new parliamentary building required intricate AV installation to update and improve the efficiency of the parliament’s work.

To accomplish this, the parliament turned to systems integrator and regional specialist Redmouse to overhaul the new facility.

Sercan Atkas, director of integration at Redmouse, explains: “We have operated in Uzbekistan for many years. We have worked on other large projects in Tashkent, becoming one of the biggest players in the country for AV integration.

“We won the project tender for the parliament building, which was prepared by a fit-out company called AHK. They have good relationships with the Uzbek government and, as we have worked with AHK before, we were an ideal match.”

The scale of the installation cannot be overstated. Separated over six floors under a 4-tonne roof, the parliament is equipped with a lavish, 428-seat assembly hall, a plethora of meeting rooms, and even spaces one would not usually associate with parliamentary business such as a fitness centre, a library and lounges. The project itself is so large, that this article will focus on key areas throughout the building.

“This project has everything,” says Atkas, “Broadcast, lighting, automation, video systems, audio systems, anything we could think of, they wanted it. This included videowalls, LED screens, videoconferencing systems and so on as they were thinking about the future; they wanted to make sure that they have the best technology in the building.”

The facility is supported by numerous AV rooms scattered throughout the sprawling parliament building on each of its six floors, relying on an extensive Extron system to provide control for individual spaces. These AV rooms serve as a hub to distribute signals. These ‘hubs’ maximise both security and ease of maintenance without disturbing users of the parliament’s facilities.

Redmouse did not want to have racks in each room, instead enabling technical difficulties to be examined and fixed directly from the AV room instead of requiring access to systems in a room which may be occupied by government VIPs. Technicians use LG screens to monitor where AV signals are going, as well as Extron equipment to deliver signals to the correct destination.

Atkas says: “The AV systems are designed so that any video camera image, video or audio signal can be distributed to any room from one of the AV rooms. We made sure that all the systems are redundant and scalable, we always have a plan B. There are also multiple empty inputs and outputs for future expansion, or for security and troubleshooting.

“In the AV rooms, you will find Extron AVoIP encoders and decoders, touchpanels, amplifiers, DSP mixers and processors. Extron really saved the day for us. It was a very difficult time to find stock; companies were telling us that there were three-month delays at the last minute. At that time, we had huge support from Extron. They did whatever they could to support us and help us finish this project, that’s why we used so many Extron products in this installation. Without them, we couldn’t have finished this project.”

Moving into the main hall, control was of the upmost importance to modulate the functionality of the room as required. Extron’s TLP Pro systems are used to bring additional control to set the room up in any configuration that is required throughout the space.

The main hall is supported by a press room which is fully equipped to meet the needs of journalists and broadcasters within.

Atkas explains: “This space is used daily by the press to provide daily updates on parliamentary business. They wanted a space that is supported with audio, video and automation, as well as with inputs and outputs [for equipment]. We provided them with the correct equipment that they required.”

The press room is equipped with an LG 86-in display mounted on a Vogel’s wall mount to allow journalists access to parliamentary proceedings. Extron SF68Ts loudspeakers provide crystal clear audio of ongoing parliamentary business, while an Extron TLP Pro touchpanel is available to control room automation, alongside XTP matrix switchers.

Meeting requirements  

As a facility of national importance, the parliament building is also home to ten standardised meeting rooms, created with ease of use in mind. Atkas clarifies: “Every meeting room has an LG 86-in monitor, an audio system, signal distribution, a video system and automation system with touchpanels as standard. PTZ cameras are included, and cable connection points provided by an Extron cable cubby, mounted on the meeting room tables.

“We added inputs and outputs throughout each meeting room in case the room is used in the future for other functionality that we haven’t planned for. There are floor boxes with inputs for audio and digital as well as outputs for audio, video and digital for future use.”

“This project has everything. Broadcast, lighting, automation, anything we could think of, they wanted it.” – Sercan Atkas, Redmouse

Extron SF 26CT speakers handle audio, while Avonic AV-CM40-W PTZ cameras enable fluid videoconferencing. Other rooms use a Bosch Dicentis audio system in place of the Extron system as well as larger 96-in displays where required. Bosch Dicentis microphones are also present on the meeting room tables for communication. Alternatively, Shure MX391/C microphones are used in some rooms.

Atkas continues: “We wanted to keep it simple and user friendly without compromising on functionality. There will be international diplomats hosted here, so it needs to be functional and simple to use.

“The basic standards of the meeting room are the same, the only difference is in the speakers, display or touchpanel sizes, ranging from 7-in to 10-in. We wanted to keep similar systems as the Uzbekistan parliament would like this system to be scalable. We have to have a similar package for the meeting room systems.”

On the basement floor is a purpose-built VIP room, designed for the president, parliamentarians and other VIPs to undertake private meetings at a level with the highest security. The VIP room is as functional as it is secure, equipped with a 10-in Extron control panel, an LG 86-in display and a Bosch Dicentis audio system.

Security remained a top priority throughout this project, with Redmouse going above and beyond to ensure that all information transmitted through the AV infrastructure was watertight.

Atkas explains: “We gave the utmost of importance to cabling to maximise security. We used fibre optic cables which cannot be intercepted. For IT infrastructure and encoders/ decoders, we worked very closely with the IT subcontractor to ensure there were no vulnerabilities. The systems are 100% secure.”

Luxury leadership 

In addition to systems and spaces designed to carry out the basic work of parliament, the Oliy Majilis is equipped with spaces that offer comfort, quality of life and the chance to unwind in luxury.

There is an on-site fitness room for parliamentarians to use, fitted with a high-quality audio system to bring that added level of comfort to a workout after a day of work.

The space is equipped with Extron in-ceiling SF 10C subwoofers. The fitness room’s reception has an LG 65-in display mounted on a Vogel’s wall mount, and an Extron TLP Pro touchpanel is also available for control of the in-room system.

Atkas explains: “The fitness room is equipped with a great audio system which has low frequencies which, along with the library, has been designed for 24/7 usage.”

The audio is pumped up by 14 Extron SM 26 surface mount speakers, spread across two dedicated workout spaces.

Dignified division

The real jewel of the parliament lies in its massive ballroom space, a multifunctional venue packed to the rafters with versatile AV equipment.

“The architecture was very well planned in this space”, says Atkas, “This is a room made for celebrations, made to entertain visiting dignitaries and presidents. It is divisible into three parts. The room can function as one, giant space or be divided into three smaller rooms. We have room sensors that identify whether the room is divided or is being used as one space. All the room automation works as pre-set [to divide the room], nobody has to do this manually.”

Each ‘section’ of the ballroom comprises an identical AV compliment, creating a standardised experience in each divisible area. Each section is home to an Epson EB-L1500UH projector and dedicated projection board. The projectors can be used in unison on a larger projection screen to cover the width and breadth of the room when the space is combined.

Keeping the standardisation of equipment in mind, Redmouse fitted this space with three AV-CM40-W PTZ cameras per section, reinforced by a Bosch Dicentis audio system with 35 microphones and wireless discussion systems per zone and a total of 72 Extron SF 26CT loudspeakers.

Signed, sealed, delivered

Redmouse was faced with long lead times for product availability due to the ongoing pandemic and supply shortages. The integrator stepped up to redesign the system to match the capabilities of available products while keeping the customer up to date on any necessary changes to the system infrastructure.

Redmouse spent a total of six months on the project, installing equipment across six floors and updating the system requirements accordingly when stock availability became an issue.

Atkas closes: “It was a living, evolving project. With the support of our suppliers, we were able to finish the installation with 100% customer satisfaction. We continue to work with the investors, construction companies and fit-out companies in the region. We have many ongoing projects in Uzbekistan in multiple cities.

“After all of the stress, getting great customer feedback was a source of great pride. The customer is happy with what they have in hand, and this is what makes our team proud.”

Kit list 


Bosch Dicentis microphones, DCMN-WDE wireless discussion system, vari-directional array loudspeakers, battery packs, DCNM-WAP access point

Extron SF 26CT loudspeakers, AXI 22 AT D audio interface

Shure MX391/C Microflex microphones

Soundcraft Signature 16 audio mixer


Apple MHY93TZ/A TV

Avonic AVCON300-IP IP PTZ cameras, AV-CM40-W PTZ cameras

Epson H910B EB-L1500UH projectors

LG 24MK400H-B 24-in display, 86UH5F-H 86-in digital signage display, 22MK400H-B 22-in display, 55VM5E-A display

Vogel’s PFW 6852 display wall mount & tilt


Extron IPCP Pro control processors, DMP 64 Plus digital matrix processors, DXP HD 4K matrix switchers, EBP 108 RAAP button panel, HDMI ULTRA/6-6 series cables, DTP series transmitters/ receivers, TLP Pro 525M touchpanels, NAV SD 101 decoder, MPA series power amplifiers, XPA series power amplifiers, KNX 100G control processors

Kramer C-HM/ HM-10 Ethernet cable

Tascam SS-CDR250N recorder/player

Zyxel GS1350- 12HP managed switch

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