AV consultancy supports purpose-built floating hospital

AV consultancy supports purpose-built floating hospital
Consultancy Team UK has announced that it will work on the design, technology procurement, installation and construction of the world’s first purpose-built floating hospital in collaboration with charity Mercy Ships.

The Yorkshire-based Consultancy team will work closely with the international charity to design audio-visual technologies and infrastructure for the charity’s latest ship project.

The ship will feature a large multi-purpose auditorium, multiple high specification meeting rooms, two decks of hospital facilities and a series of complex medical training rooms. There will also be a school and nursery on board, along with all the usual facilities required on a modern passenger vessel.

Mercy Ships charity runs the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, and sails to some of the poorest countries in the world to deliver free, lifesaving medical care. The charity will soon be adding a new ship to its fleet of floating hospitals to continue to provide free healthcare, community health education and palliative care for terminally ill patients. With a gross tonnage of 37,000t, it will be the world's largest civilian hospital ship upon completion.

“We first became aware of Mercy Ships at a presentation we attended at a cruise ship exhibition and were truly overwhelmed by the work they do. It gave us a great insight into the journey both the patients and volunteers were taking for this incredible charity,” commented Edgar M Andrews, managing director at Consultancy Team.

He continued: “Consultancy Team believes in the principle of giving something back and our commitment goes beyond simply writing a cheque. We wanted to support an organisation that incorporated our company culture and values, and we found this in Mercy Ships.

“We are proud to support Mercy Ships in their new ship project. We have donated our services so that the charity can focus its resources on what really matters – the health and wellbeing of their patients.”

AV technology and processing within the onboard medical facilities will help the ship to provide efficient and advanced medical treatment to some of the world’s most deprived nations. The advanced technology will also be used to educate local medical professionals and develop new ways of treatment.

Edgar M Andrews, managing director from Consultancy Team, added: “In the public areas on board, we have designed a sophisticated entertainment system with in-cabin TV systems to improve the living environment for the volunteers. All technology installed will use network-based control software to provide easier management and day-to-day operations. This will also enable remote monitoring and diagnosis by Mercy Ships’ operational team based in Texas.”

As well as donating their services, Consultancy Team UK have contributed almost £500,000 toward the project. Through continued fundraising initiatives, Consultancy Team UK hopes to raise £1 million by the end of 2018.

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