Augmented and Virtual Reality symposium announced

SAE International is to host the 2015 Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Technologies Symposium on November 5-6 in Birmingham, UK.

The symposium is being organized SAE Global, and will be co-located with Advanced Engineering UK 2015.

Leaders in AR/VR technology will converge in Birmingham to explore the possibilities of linking design, manufacturing and final assembly into their organisation’s digital thread, justifying the long-term value of augmented and virtual technology.

The opening keynote address - The Future of the PC; Leaving the Era of the Personal Computer and Entering the Era of More Personal Computing - will be delivered by Roger Walkden of Microsoft Studios/HoloLens. Walkden’s address will focus on how improvements in hardware design are giving rise to new experiences across devices and how software is running to keep up.

Technical sessions will include:

•    Matching Technology Readiness to Industrial Use-Cases;
•    Classifying, Assessing and Managing Risk with Enterprise AR Introduction;
•    Virtual Reality in Industry: Cradles Embarkation Simulation in Manufacturing Submarines;
•    Virtual Reality - Don’t Forget We Are Human;
•    Integrated Process for Optimal Factory Layouts in VR;
•    Introducing New Technologies in a Complex Organization; and
•    Experiencing Virtual Manufacturing - A Collaborative Product Development.

A panel discussion will explore the topic of head mounted displays. Elizabeth Baron of Ford Motor Company will moderate a panel consisting of Paul Davies of Boeing Research & Technology; Robert Forrest of BAE Systems; Chris Freeman of AMRC with Boeing; Walkden; and Richard Wiles of National Grid.

In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to tour Jaguar Land Rover’s Virtual Engineering Centre to see how they are using VR to design prototypes to the last detail without making them in solid form, and to see how they look and work from all angles within their Virtual Reality facility.

To learn more about the symposium or to register, visit http://www.sae.org/events/arvr/.