AudioScience interface gets AVB thumbs up from AVnu

AudioScience interface gets AVB thumbs up from AVnu
Digital audio specialist AudioScience has announced that the Hono AVB Custom interface is its second product to be certified by the AVnu Alliance.

AudioScience is a member of the AVnu Alliance and intends to certify all of its AVB products through the Alliance to conform to the IEEE AVB standards.

The Hono AVB Custom - a 1U design that offers 32x32 audio channels, sourced form up to four modules - follows the Hono AVB Mini family in certification.

AVB functionality consists of four streams of transmit and receive, plus dedicated media clock streams. Stream formats include mono, stereo, four and eight channel at 48kHz. Channel mapping abilities have been implemented according to IEEE 1722.1-2013 allowing flexibility on how the 32 channels of audio are grouped into AVB streams.

Richard Gross, president of AudioScience, said: "AVnu certification represents the culmination of many years of hard work by our Engineering team on our AVB hardware and software. “AVnu certification will give our customers confidence that when they choose one of our AVB products they know they are buying something that will inter-operate with other AVnu certified AVB devices".

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