Audiologic works with Handy AV to install future-proof AV at GAMA Healthcare HQ

Audiologic works with Handy AV to install future-proof AV at GAMA Healthcare HQ
AV distributor Audiologic has worked with systems integrator Handy AV to deliver an audio system for GAMA Healthcare’s brand-new office space, from concept and design through to completion.

GAMA Healthcare, a company founded in 2004, is a supplier of disinfectant products to hospitals around the world. It specialises in the manufacture and distribution of IPC products and the provision of aftercare support.

In order to support its growth, GAMA has invested in the ‘Infection Prevention Solution Super Hub’ headquarters, located in the centre of Hemel Hempstead’s business district. The space has been designed from the ground up with modern working in mind, using the latest in AV technology. 

Handy AV was approached by GAMA Healthcare about the project, commissioning them to design and install AV for the entire new office space. Audiologic was asked to look at the spatial and audio design element of the project, seeing the project through from concept to completion. 

Audio was at the forefront of what GAMA wanted to achieve with the project, both in terms of quality and flexibility. The higher value spaces, such as the boardroom and the central hub, needed to be aesthetically pleasing to be in keeping with the rest of the building, as well as servicing the purpose of delivering easy communication for participants both in the room and remote.

Ben Spurgeon, senior application engineer, Audiologic comments: “The whole space is built around the Q-SYS Eco-System, more specifically, a redundant pair of QSC Core 510i’s which are monitored and managed by the QSC Reflect platform. Designed as a fully networked solution, each space has dedicated networked hardware utilising both Q-LAN and Dante audio over IP protocols. This makes both scalability and flexibility incredibly easy. The main space, which doubles up as a town hall meeting environment, features a dual projection system and voice reinforcement, all controlled by an incredibly intuitive Q-SYS UCI on a TSC-80W-G2 touchscreen. The entire control environment also lives within the Q-SYS platform, without any additional hardware, this makes the programming incredibly easy by opting for IP controllable devices throughout the building.

Within the townhall space we have used the Sound Tube IPD pendants, which are both PoE and Dante, making single cable deployment simple. The space also has a fully functioning hospital environment which allows for in-depth training both in person and remote. Here, we are using VC hardware alongside wireless camera streaming to give an incredibly interactive experience. We also have a more traditional boardroom and divisible training space which can be used for in-room video conferencing and bring your own device functionality for maximum flexibility. These spaces utilise the Shure MXA910 beamforming array microphone for audio capture as well as the Shure MXW wireless microphones.”

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