Audio industry sets sail for yearly regatta

AUTHOR: Inavate

The UK’s Royal Southampton Yacht Club welcomed professionals from across the audio industry on September 26, 2009 as the yearly Audio Industry Regatta set sail. The format for the fundraising event was overhauled this year as a treasure hunt replaced the usual “round the cans racing”.

Although the change of format had been planned in advance but due to very calm conditions on the day it was most welcome. It was so calm the Gemini boat registered two knots in reverse when the sails were up.

The crews had to motor to Chart co- ordinates and answer cryptic clues to several questions at each mark.

One of the last questions was how many lifeboats are on the starboard side of the Queen Mary II which was planned to be in port until 6pm, giving time for the competitors to do the count on their way back to the RSYC. However, the cruise liner left harbour an hour ahead of time leaving the crews to chase after her.

The evening dinner at the Royal Southampton Yacht Club raised more than £1,500 (€1,650) for AIR's chosen charity, the Elizabeth Foundation, which helps profoundly deaf children and their families.