Audio data to replace paper tickets and cut queues

Audio data to replace paper tickets and cut queues
Ticketing company Ticketmaster has teamed up with Lisnr, a data-over-audio company, to develop a system that recognises individual users at an event using a discrete digital audio broadcast from a smartphone.

The app uses an ultrasonic sound technology Lisnr calls 'smart tones' to transmit information between devices.

Lisnr’s technology has a range of uses, and the company recently partnered with Jaguar Land Rover to enable vehicles to communicate with smartphones, and other cars, This could be used to replace a key fob with a smartphone to unlock the door or to personalise seat settings, including placement and climate control.

The rollout of this ticketing technology has recently begun in some venues, and Lisnr estimates it will take around four years to complete.

Lisnr’s smart tones constitute audio signals in the 18.75 kHz and 19.2kHZ range and are completely inaudible to more than 90% of the human population. As a user approaches the venue their phone broadcasts the ticketing data, which is detected by a scanner at the venue and confirms the user's identity.

Lisnr-powered tickets are tied to a person’s account and also their mobile device, so the venue can always be sure the identity of the attendee is correct. This also gives Ticketmaster greater control over the reseller market.

Each smart tone carries its own unique identifier, meaning sites can install smart tone scanners around a venue to track gig-goers as they move around, providing the stadium owners with geo-location data, it also lets them target individuals with tailored messages and personalised experiences.