Audio console marketplace launches

Avid S6 console

Resurface, a worldwide online marketplace which connects buyers and sellers of professional mixing consoles has been launched.

Resurface is tailored to the needs of companies and individuals using professional audio mixing technology. Formed by Ben Nemes and Tim Hurrell, two audio industry professionals with over 50 years’ combined experience, Resurface serves to connect buyers and sellers of audio consoles around the world. It also connects its audience to a wider collection of services, including a continuously-curated news feed tuned for its professional audio audience.

“After many years in this industry, we were very aware that – whilst digital systems have been an industry standard for over 20 years – the secondary market for this technology and all related services is so highly fragmented that it doesn’t function” explains Tim Hurrell. “All high-value equipment purchases represent assets that owners periodically want to upgrade, cross-grade, dispose of or acquire in a secondary market. Occasionally, audio professionals simply need to understand the current market value of what they own. We’ve understood from many customers and resellers in this field that there’s a natural demand for this function that’s not currently being met.”

With a world-wide network of contacts, Resurface is offering both classified and brokered assistance for its customers, alongside a community of related services. “With audio technology being so highly-specialist in nature, buyers and sellers often require assistance with commissioning and decommissioning, shipping, installation, training and with finding freelance operational talent,” comments Ben Nemes.