ATM employs VC for better banking

ATM employs VC for better banking
An ATM provider has integrated videoconferencing into its units in a bid to provide expert advice to customers out of opening hours.

NCR Corporation has implemented its “Interactive Teller technology” concept into its SelfServ 32 ATMs to allow consumers to videoconference with live, remote bank operatives.

The ATMs are currently in pilot with what the company will only describe as a major U.S. financial institution.

NCR is using technology from a Utah based video-banking specialist, uGenius, to power the two-way video conferencing. Consumers can choose to use the standard self-service ATM functionality or the Interactive Teller interface to conduct a typical in-branch transaction with a remote, centralised teller.

Michael O’Laughlin, senior vice president of NCR Financial Services, said: “Consumers cannot always bank during banking hours. They want service at a time and place that is convenient for them.”

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