Atempo appointed as Turkish distributor for Pan Acoustics

Atempo appointed as Turkish distributor for Pan Acoustics
Ankara-based distributor, Atempo, has been appointed by Pan Acoustics, the steerable audio specialist from Wolfenbüttel in Germany, as the Turkish distributor for the Pan Beam, Pan Speaker and Pan Powerline series.

The Pan Beam and Pan Powerline series are capable of flexible steering, providing a near constant and precise signal alignment and accomplishing consistent and high sound levels for all audience areas in large venues.

The Pan Speaker series of passive loudspeakers offer high efficiency, integrated protection circuits, high speech intelligibility even in the most adverse acoustic environments.

Volkan Konuralp, MD of Atempo explained their choice of Pan Beam: "With steerable columns being established in the market place over the last 10+ years, many companies have engineered their own solutions as part of an existing range of products in an attempt to tap into the growing market.

"We have looked at the various solutions appearing in the market and all had their strengths and weaknesses. We were looking for a company that specialized in steerable products, that had leading technology and the feature set that the market needed. We ultimately wanted outstanding performance combined with simple, intuitive system set-up, so that the installer doesn't need to be a programming expert to get great results."