Association questions wisdom of event spectrum management

Association questions wisdom of event spectrum management
The Association of Professional Wireless Production Technologies (APWPT) prioritised wireless audio users in a new approach to event spectrum management, presented at a workshop during European Microwave Week.

The event, staged in Nuremberg, Germany from October 6 to 11, 2013, saw the APWPT present its 'new vision' to open up a discussion on the political and technical issues involved. 

It argues that a more holistic approach is required when tackling spectrum allocation and management at large events in the future. 

Large events are frequently broadcast globally and the approached mooted by the APWPT questions the current secondary user status of PMSE.

In a press release, The association asks: “Given the importance of interference free PMSE operations, should PMSE should be granted primary or co-primary status in certain frequency bands for the benefit of all stakeholders and citizens - be they content producers or content consumers?”  

The workshop provided a forum to discuss optimising frequency co-ordination at events, optimisation of spectrum use during events and how to ensure optimal reliability of all PMSE wireless links.

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