Arthur Holm to debut Dynamic X at InfoComm

Arthur Holm to debut Dynamic X at InfoComm
Arthur Holm will focus on the new Dynamic X series and on the news routers and AH Net software at InfoComm 2011.

The new Dynamic X moving screens are built in anodised aluminium with a black edged protection and decorative glass. Its elegant and innovative design contributes to create very special meeting environments that provide the latest multimedia technology.
These products provide VGA and DVI inputs and RS-422 serial port and optionally, can also integrate built in camera, touch screen and retractable microphones that disappear inside the desk when not needed and that can easily be remote controlled.

The AH routers provide auto-check functionalities that allows to prepare meetings with total confidence. In case of block or anomaly detection, the AH Routers automatically send an e-mail to the person in charge of the installation.

The AH Net software is a free PC based tool that permits the remote control of all screens. UP/Down, VGA/DVI, ON/OFF and lock and unlock functions are some of the controllable features.

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