Archiproducts adds K-array to its BIM and CAD database

K Array products on a cube

K-array is now included on BIM.archiproducts, a reference platform that provides access to a BIM and CAD file database.

The databased is run by Archiproducts, a search engine for architecture and design products that K-array has been present on since 2016. 

K-array’s speakers and amplifiers are found on the portal by browsing through application categories such as furniture, bathroom, office and wellness. Studio Max 3D files, DXF files, material library files and BIM manual files can then be downloaded directly into the project design, allowing designers to determine the appropriate speaker system and to ensure proper cable management among all electronic systems is cohesive. Archiproducts also offers a Revit plugin so that users can access their libraries without having to browse the sites directly from the drawing program and Archicad files will be available on the portal in the upcoming month.

The Archiproducts project files are then shareable with all project collaborators and are characterised by the badge "Featured by BIM.archiproducts" which certifies they satisfy technical and regulatory criteria such as geometric parameters, consistency of the model with reality, the integrity of alphanumeric data and their computation.