AR tech lets you control billboards from your phone

AR tech lets you control billboards from your phone
Teehan+Lax Labs has developed a tool that allows touch interaction on many different connected surfaces through a mobile phone’s camera view. The augmented reality input device, called Touch Vision Interface, could have massive implications for interactive digital signage campaigns. Labs, a small independent unit within Teehan+Lax explores creative uses of technology in the digital channel.

Touch input on a mobile is translated and co-ordinates to the captured video feed to create the illusion of being able to directly manipulate a distant surface. The development team claims the interaction feels natural and almost invisible.

The technology could be used to crowd-source for billboard polls, according to the Teehan+Lax website. The company also says group participation on large installations could feel more natural with the technology.

Flaws have been noted by the development team, including surface discovery and paring.

Touch Vision Interface from Teehan+Lax Labs on Vimeo.

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