Appointments at Riedel Australia

Appointments at Riedel Australia
Riedel Communications has announced the appointment of Ian Hamilton to the role of general manager for Riedel Australia and Julian Hewitt to the role of technical operations manager for Riedel Australia.

Hamilton steps into the role of general manager Riedel Australia after the post was recently vacated by Cameron O’Neill who has moved on to become the director for the Asia Pacific region at Riedel Communications. Prior to taking on this position, Hamilton led his own design and technical production firm.

Hewitt joins Riedel Australia after most recently serving as technical support technician at the Sydney Opera House, an installations that makes use of Riedel solutions. He earlier was the audio operator for the Bell Shakespeare theatre company. Prior to that, Hewitt provided support for local arts and music festivals, as well as live news, sports and entertainment broadcast events.

As technical operations manager for Riedel Australia, Hewitt will be responsible for the logistics of getting gear and people to the right places at the right times. In addition, he is responsible for making sure that all of the equipment is in the best possible working order, further increasing our reliability in mission-critical applications.

O’Neill said regarding the appointments: “Ian's experience providing sophisticated high-performance production and communications solutions is remarkable, to say the least. His work has included numerous projects involving Riedel Australia and extensive complements of Riedel equipment”

He adds: “Like Ian, Jules has worked with Riedel equipment for many years, and his practical experience in deploying our solutions makes him an excellent addition to the growing Riedel Australia family.”

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