Apple jumps on the 3D bandwagon!

AUTHOR: Inavate
Want your photos to leap out of the screen? The 3D MacBook Pro is for you

Information has started to leak onto the internet suggesting that Apple is the latest technology firm to leap onto the 3D bandwagon. The manufacturer of fruity electronics has apparently been working on an upgrade to its Macbook Pro line incorporating 3D graphics from NVIDIA and even chat. A pair of iSight cameras will allow you to chat with your friends in Stereoscopic 3D using the included pair of iGlasses. If Apple is on the case, it must be good, right?

These leaked screen grabs of the Apple store are currently the only information available about the proposed line upgrade, but we thought you'd like to see them! Can't wait.

NOTE: This was an April fools article. The images in this story were originally created by Tai Chiem and posted on the Yanko Design Blog.