Apple gets patent for goggle display

Apple gets patent for goggle display
A patent filed by Apple shows what ‘iGoggles’ might look like if the company moves forward with its concept to manufacture wearable 3D displays. The document with the US Patent and Trademark Office outlines a device that could usurp display manufacturers in creating goggles that would allow users to view media and games in a larger format than any mobile device or traditional TV.

The system is described in the patent as follows: “A goggle system for providing a personal media viewing experience to a user is provided. The goggle system may include an outer cover, a mid-frame, optical components for generating the media display, and a lens on which the generated media displayed is provided to the user.
“The goggle system, or head mounted display may have any suitable appearance. For example, the goggle system may resemble ski or motorcycle goggles. To enhance the user's comfort, the goggle system may include breathable components, including for example breathable foam that rests against the user's face, and may allow the user to move the display generation components for alignment with the user's eyes.
“In some embodiments, the goggle system may include data processing circuitry operative to adjust left and right images generated by the optical components to display 3-D media, or account for a user's eyesight limitations.”
User control of the device could be done through means Apple users will already know including a touchscreen, keypad or clickwheel. In is envisioned that these controls could tune into live TV or radio, download or stream media, purchase access to content and toggle between 2D and 3D modes.
Apple’s original patent was filed for more than five years ago and it is unclear whether any progress has been made in turning the plans into reality.