APG announces direct operation in the UK

APG has announced the appointment of Scott Fraser to head up APG’s UK sales operation, as part of the company’s move to sell direct in the UK

Going direct will ensure that UK clients benefit from the same support as customers in France, in addition to having access to significant stock of demo equipment. The move is indicative of APG’s broader international strategy throughout the EMEA region.

According to APG’s VP global sales, Bruno Garros, the decision to go direct has been on the cards for some time. “It is clearly the best solution for APG in the UK,” he said. “The traditional distribution model puts too many obstacles between us and the customer. We felt very strongly that the best way forward for us was to have a direct link into the UK with someone who is actually employed and trained by APG – it means a direct link to the factory, to R&D and to marketing with access to all of the resources that we provide as a company.”