APG announces development partnership with Powersoft

APG announces development partnership with Powersoft
APG has announced a strategic partnership with Italian amplifier manufacturer, Powersoft, which culminated in the launch of a range of APG-branded amplifiers at ProLight + Sound 2013.

The alliance is the fruition of a long-standing relationship between the manufacturers. The first result is that APG is now able to offer customers a range of complete turnkey systems comprising loudspeakers, amplifiers and processing, all packaged in standard universal touring racks.

“Choosing the right partner for a collaboration such as ours that goes well beyond the realms of a traditional OEM deal is a delicate business,” said Powersoft MD Antonio Peruch. “You have to be sure that both sides share the same expectations and have similar values. From our side, we wanted closer contact with loudspeaker manufacturers – and therefore with their users - in order to drive amplifier development.”

APG’s general manager, Gregory Dapsanse, said: “We have taken our time to ensure that the partnership works for both sides, and we are both confident that it will result in some excellent products for APG enabling us to offer complete and fully optimized systems to our customers, as well as increased exposure for Powersoft.”

The first products to be launched as a result of the partnership – which were on show at ProLight + Sound 2013 - are the SA20:2 and SA30:2 two-channel, switch-mode class D amplifiers based on Powersoft’s flagship K Series range.

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