Antycip appointments strengthen engineering and marketing

Antycip appointments strengthen engineering and marketing
Simulation specialist Antycip Simulation has appointed Thibaut Hébrard as display systems design engineer and Audrey Zarlenga as digital marketing manager.

Hébrard, based at Antycip’s Adderbury, UK HQ, will lead the mechanical design phase on customer projects. His remit includes the design of mechanical and optical solutions using industry 3D tools for virtual reality and immersive display systems; the development of designs to support the virtual and display products into varied customer locations; and leading the design phase of projects end to end.

Thibaut recently completed a five year Masters degree programme in engineering at ECAM in Lyon, France. He said: “I’m delighted to join such an experienced and challenging technical team at Antycip as it allows me to work at the cutting-edge of the latest technologies in VR and simulation. Working across such a wide range of industries - from defence to health, academia to automotive - brings with it new technical challenges, and I can’t wait to apply my mechanical and design background in order to create the bespoke solutions to match each individual customer’s requirements, providing support throughout the design phases.”

Zarlenga [pictured right] is primarily based at Antycip’s offices in the UK, but will travelAudrey Zarlenga Antycip frequently to its French and Italian bases. 

She said: “I’m thrilled to work for such a fast-growing company with innovation at the heart of everything it does. Antycip has so much to offer in the VR space which makes this a really exciting opportunity for me as a visual communicator. I’m looking forward to bringing what Antycip does to life online, showcasing its leadership position in creating truly bespoke solutions and further engaging and inspiring customers around what virtual reality can do for them.”

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