Animated images at the wave of a hand

Animated images at the wave of a hand
The ability to create bespoke animated characters with a wave of the hand may seem like magic, but Walkabout Projection is making it a reality. Clients including BBC and Adidas have so far used the wireless, fully portable projector to create animated images on any surface.

Video artist and projectionist Shaun O’Connor has created a HD video device which can create pop-up performances outdoors and indoors powered by ‘magic’ hand gesture control. 

The wearable tech device allows users to customise their visual content – which can include characters, logos, and selfies – to suit their requirements. 

A Unity3D gaming engine and Leapmotion sensor controller that feeds back to the mini CPU and battery attached to allow real-time body mapping in a mobile environment. 

The system is a collaboration between O’Connor and Xbox Kinect programmers. The lightweight projector’s rig is invisible under clothing, visible in ambient light and is battery powered for ease of use. 

The device is available for visual performance and promotional branding via the company PrickImage.

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