Angry Birds gets physical as T-Mobile launches signage campaign

Prolific video game, Angry Birds is the star of a new T-Mobile digital signage campaign. The computer game, initially made popular via Apple’s App Store, involves users launching the iconic birds with a slingshot in an effort to try and destroy exploding pigs. The T-Mobile campaign blurs reality with the digital game as players launch a bird on a large screen via a mobile phone. The digital bird becomes real as it hits the edge of the screen before being catapulted into a physical structure.

An initial event was held in Terrassa, near Barcelona, Spain earlier in the year. It is not clear whether T-Mobile intend to take the concept, which is part of its “Life’s for Sharing” viral marketing campaign, to any other cities.

Details of the technology used are scarce but reports suggest the concept was created by Saatchi and Saatchi Italy.