AMX showcases management and meeting room tech in Germany and Austria

AMX is targeting end users, system integrators and AV managers in public and private organisations with a series of events in Germany and Austria throughout September 2014.

The AMX Roadshow aims to show how its building management and meeting room technologies can boost energy efficiency and profitability of a building as well as increase productivity and support collaboration for companies and universities.

Topics including the BYOD trend and IT/AV convergence will be addressed in half-day events that encompass lectures, live demonstrations and networking.

The company hopes to demonstrate how multiple spaces can be converted into meeting environments in shift from large dedicated conference rooms. It will show how to equip “huddle spaces” to make optimum use of small areas.

On September 9, the series kicks off in Wolfsburg, Germany before heading to Dresden, Jena, Munich, Vienna, Graz, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and finishing in Frankfurt on September 24, 2014.