AMX introduces Modero X series

AMX introduces Modero X series
AMX has unveiled the new Modero X Series family of frameless, panoramic and widescreen touchpanels.

Putting a new perspective on the concept of touchpanel design, the Modero X Series combines edge-2-edge glass and a low-profile, to deliver a more usable space and a richly engaging user experience.

First to be released will be the panoramic models which will be available in both a 20.3", measuring 18.7" long by 7.75" tall with over 145 square inches of usable control surface; and a 19.4" which measures 18.7" wide by 5.15" tall and delivering over 96 square inches of usable control surface.

Both 20.3" and 19.4" models will be available as table-top as well as portrait and landscape in-wall models. The table-top models are specifically designed to be very low profile to minimise the possibility of the touchpanel obstructing the user's view.

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