AMX and RGB go separate ways

AMX and RGB go separate ways
AMX will support UK customers directly, severing its distribution agreement with RGB Communications. RGB has plugged the gap with ‘itron’, an IT/PC server based control solution based on Stardraw and Global Cache products.

In a statement Gordon Innocent, chairman of RGB, said: “With the advent of Stardraw Control software, touch screen PCs and IT hardware costs falling so much, the market no longer needs to rely on traditional, bespoke touch panel control solutions, like AMX or Crestron. IT based control solutions, such as ‘itron’ are not just a viable alternative, they represent great value for money, by making use of an existing IT networks so therefore saving time and money on installations. PC hardware and touch screen PC costs are a fraction of the cost of a bespoke touch screen system and they can be used for many other things too. The simple drag and drop design software from Stardraw drastically reduces the programming costs, and last but by no means least, should your touch screen PC fail for some reason, the end user doesn’t have the inconvenience of the room being non functional, you can simply log in and use another PC.”

Kevin Morrison, AMX Europe’s managing director stressed that the move did not signal any problems with RGB Communications, describing them as “a great partner”. He explained: “AMX has grown dramatically in the last five years and our product portfolio, increased service and support offering are a challenge for traditional distribution partners. AMX has simply elected to address this by expanding its own sales team in the UK and Ireland from 2010.”

He put the decision down to “an issue of timing and market maturity” and wished RGB “every success going forward”.

In addition to ‘itron’, RGB are introducing a simple low cost room control solution from Xantech, who design, engineer and manufacture custom control devices from the IR receiver, high definition video distribution, to room control.