Amate Audio hosts 2015 international distributor summit

Amate Audio hosts 2015 international distributor summit
Amate Audio has held its international distributor convention in the Catalan countryside around its Terrassa HQ, outside of Barcelona in Spain. This was the company's first official event as Amate Audio, following the rebranding of its trading marque from Master Audio at the end of last year.

Around 20 representatives from 13 international distributors attended the summit. Day one saw corporate presentations by vice president and CTO Joan Amate, focusing on the strategic thinking behind the company's rebranding as Amate Audio, and setting out the product and technologies development roadmap for the remainder of 2015 and throughout 2016.

Amate explained the rational behind the rebranding, stating that over time, as the company had expanded its distribution into more territories, it had increasingly come into contact with competing businesses whose identities were too readily confused with the Master Audio brand.

In a move planned over a number of years, the company announced a 'brand transition' at the end of last year, introducing the new Amate Audio brand; representative of the company's heritage, in its origins and the Amate family name.

Day two saw a presentation by chief acoustic engineer Natàlia Milan, outlining a complete range enhancement for Xcellence series; Amate Audio's premium performance series. Amate then detailed performance improvements across the Joker series dedicated installation range, resulting from the introduction of improved integral DSP, and introduced a new digital incarnation of the company's Triphonic power amplifier series.

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