All eyes on Panopticam for VR content

AUTHOR: Inavate

A 360-degree ‘Panopticam’ camera could make creating content for virtual reality systems more easy and affordable, accelerating adoption of the technology in the pro AV space. The device consists of 36 cameras arranged within a tripod-mounted sphere. Figure Digital, the British firm behind the creation, hope Panopticam will allow companies to create their own bespoke content for advertising and marketing.

Making sense of the numerous camera feeds when editing the content afterwards is relatively simple thanks to a custom made plugin for Adobe After Effects.Figure Digital describes itself as an in-house digital creative agency specializing in VR experiences, augmented reality applications and digital production. Late last year the company helped design and develop a virtual Tesco supermarket, hinting at a future retail experience rooted in reality but where users don’t need to find a parking space or suffer long queues at the checkout.