Alcons announces availability of EASE GLL data

Alcons announces availability of EASE GLL data
Alcons Audio has released EASE GLL loudspeaker data for its L-series pro-ribbon line arrays and Q-series pro-ribbon column-arrays.

The high-resolution measurement and simulation data is supplied in GLL (Generic Loudspeaker Library) format.

It can be used with the EASE 4.3 acoustic prediction program and the ARC2 (Alcons Ribbon Calculator) array set-up tool, which is based on the EASE Focus 2 program.  

Audio engineers can generate simulations that include reverb times, speech intelligibility and other parameters, which can be viewed in horizontal and vertical planes. Furthermore, multiple arrays can be accommodated in one simulation. 

The QR systems are measured with 1° accuracy, the LR systems with 2° accuracy and the other systems with the standard 5° accuracy.

Alcons Audio’s Tom Back said: “We have included all of our system configurations and processing optimisations from the DDP digital drive processor and the new Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controllers. 

“These, in combination with the very low manufacturing tolerance of +/- 1dB, allows GLL-based simulations to convert Alcons’ sound systems into true precision instruments.”

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