Airtame partners with AVer for hybrid work options

Airtame partners with AVer for hybrid work options
Airtame has announced a strategic alliance with AVer to offer integration of the Airtame Hybrid Conferencing Solution with an array of AVer’s core camera and videobar products.

Together, Airtame and AVer support the flexible conferencing options end-users are increasingly demanding in BYOD and hybrid work environments. 

Airtame’s wireless conferencing platform – compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and soon, Google Meet and Webex – can now be completely integrated with a suite of AVer cameras including the CAM520 Pro2, CAM550,VC520 Pro2 USB Cameras, VB342+, VB342 Pro Video Soundbars, VC520 Pro all-in-on conferencing system, PTZ310UNV2 4K Streaming NDI® HX3 Camera and DL30 Distance Learning Tracking Camera. AVer's PTC310UV2 AI Auto Tracking Camera will be available for compatibility with Airtame at a later point as result of ongoing collaborative innovation between the two brands. 

The integration supports small, mid-sized, and large meeting rooms to provide flexibility and hybrid meeting room experiences, regardless of location.

AVer’s conferencing cameras, all-in-one conferencing systems, video soundbars, and AI Auto Tracking cameras also enable Airtame to deploy its multi-use products like signage, conferencing, and screen sharing into a number of different environments, providing end-users and integrators with even more options. 

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