Airports bolster workforce with holograms

London Luton Airport has employed two holographic members of staff to help travellers through its security process. The holograms, dubbed Holly and Graham, were custom designed by Tensator, a specialist in queue management and digital signage. The products use 3M film and projection developed by display technology specialist, Media Zest. A link to a video of the holograms in action can be found in the main story.

Luton airport is not alone in the introduction of holographic announcers. Manchester Airport, also in the UK, has turned to Musion to provide a similar solution based on the company’s new EyeSay product. In Manchester, ‘John and Julie’ are employed to communicate security messages as passengers pass from check-in to the departure lounge.

In Luton, Holly and Graham are currently deployed for a trial period within the Central Search Area, where passengers are searched and their hand luggage is checked. They brief passengers on the preparations they need to make before undergoing the Security search. The trial will take 4-8 weeks and will measure a variety of indicators including the amount of time spent by passengers in the Central Search Area.

If the trial is successful Luton hopes to roll out the solution out to other areas including immigration and way finding.