AI interviews in VR prepare students for real jobseeking

AI interviews in VR prepare students for real jobseeking
A new initiative that puts interviewees in virtual reality has been trialled, pitting would-be jobseekers with an AI interviewer to assess performance.

The system has been spearheaded by VR specialist Bodyswaps, working with global colleges in London, Paris and Toronto to assess ‘soft skills’ before the students apply for jobs.

Students put on VR headsets to undertake mock interviews, appearing as an avatar in the virtual environment. Participants found themselves face to face with an AI avatar which asks questions to the interviewee.

Users get feedback on their answers, as well as how the answer was given, whether the interviewee is maintaining eye contact with the avatar as well as the participant’s posture throughout the interview.

The trial will see more than 10,000 learners accessing the experience, with findings due to be published in January 2023.

Sandwell College, a UK based school, took part in the programme, with 84% of participants reporting that they feel ‘more confident’ about interviews in a real-world environment.

Christophe Mallet, CEO, Bodyswaps commented: "We're moving into a new phase for the development of immersive learning. For institutions it's not about just showcasing innovation anymore, it's about delivering tangible students outcomes cost-effectively.

"For us, the programme is about demonstrating how educators and technologists can work hand-in-hand to better prepare students to thrive in the new world of work."

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