AFMG hosts English and Italian EASE seminars

AFMG hosts English and Italian EASE seminars
In response to high demand for its EASE training sessions, AFMG has announced two extra training sessions this autumn.

The RCF Academy in Reggio Emilia, Italy, will be hosting a 3-day entry-level EASE training session in Italian hosted by Daniel Ponteggia. This will take place from 5th-7th November and provides an opportunity for engineers and acousticians to start modelling room acoustics.

Registration details can be found here:

Also, Paul Malpas of Engineered Acoustic Designs, will deliver an EASE Compact course at the offices of Sound Technology Ltd at Letchworth in London, UK from 27-29 November.
This course is aimed at professionals in acoustics, electro acoustics and sound system design, and particularly those responsible for the assured delivery of electro acoustic solutions against exacting performance specifications. People who should attend these courses include:
Solution providers and system integrators, looking to provide compliance assurances at the detailed design proposals stage; consultant engineers specifying both audio systems and room acoustic finishes to achieve STI requirements; manufacturers wanting to provide added-value reassurances to the application of their products in challenging acoustic environments.

Registration details for this course can be found here:

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