AES to host 2019 international headphone technology conference

AES to host 2019 international headphone technology conference
AES will host its second international headphone technology conference, offering three days of presentations, sessions and demonstrations dedicated to headphone technology.

The conference will have a focus on emerging fields of mobile spatial audio, individualisation, assistive listening and audio for augmented reality. 

Scientific research papers will also be presented on the topics of active noise cancellation, signal processing, virtualisation, test and measurement, modelling and binaural rendering. 
The conference will feature six guest keynote speakers, including Professor Michael  Vorländer, Aachen University on the topic of “Acoustic transparency of earphones and headphones, Professor Ramani Duraiswami, University of Maryland on “HRTF modelling and rendering”, Professor  Dorte Hammershøi on “Hearing damage risk from heaphone-based listening”

Demonstrations of headphone measurement, response simulation and rapid HRTF rendering will also be a part of the Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon sessions in addition to poster presentations and sponsor exhibits.

Two workshops, “Measuring 3D directivity of microphones and radiated sound in headsets and hearables” and “Practical considerations of commercially viable headphones”, followed by a panel discussion will also be featured.  

The International headphone technology conference will run from August 27-August 29 at the Golden Gate Club, Presidio, San Francisco, USA. 

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