Adobe looks to AR and mixed reality future

Adobe looks to AR and mixed reality future
Adobe has released details of its early-stage mixed reality project called Project Glasswing. An experimental display prototype, Project Glasswing explores the possibility of bringing Adobe’s software to the physical world, creating the illusion of a Photoshop, After Effects or XD layer appearing in space in front of 3D real objects, without the need for phones or special glasses.

This touch-enabled experiment enables users to view systems that blend digital content and interaction with real and physical objects.

For example, in-store advertising could allow shoes to be displayed inside a window with accompanying text, graphics, and video to create a compelling experience for customers.

A vending machine could use a masked video of sloshing water to augment the view of real-physical bottles of water behind it. Or imagine a museum exhibit of a rare artifact displayed in a glass case. The glass could allow a clear view of the encased item, with overlaying graphics offering information about its history.

With Project Glasswing, digital media assets created in Adobe tools such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Dimension can now be shown on the display. By controlling the opacity and emissive colour of each pixel independently, the display acts like a conventional monitor or could have transparent windows to see physical objects.

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