Adobe app turns photos into 3D models

AUTHOR: Inavate

Adobe is working on software that can create 3D images and models from simple photos. While initially aimed at adding a new dimension to portraiture and selfies, 3-D Portraits would also be a valuable tool for designers. Creating 3D images from 2D photographs is already possible using Adobe’s Photoshop software but it is a complicated process, 3-D Portraits in contrast is largely automated.

The software is still in development and was recently presented at Adobe MAX Sneaks, the annual showcase of ongoing work in the company’s development labs.

The portrait software works by recognising faces, eyes, mouths, and hair, and then turning them into a 3D model with minimum input from the user. Adobe has stated that the system could be used to aid the 3D modelling process, potentially offering a important tool for content creators working with VR and other 3D design projects.

Adobe have not stated when or if the technology will be offered to public.