ADI and Wash promote LED for public art projects

ADI and Wash promote LED for public art projects
LED screen specialist ADI has joined forces with design studio Wash explore the application of LED screen technology across public art projects, digital sculpture and brand concepts.

The UK companies first worked together on a public art project for Jaguar that included ADI’s Virtuality LED screen product.

Drew Burrow, business development manager for ADI, said: “LED is such a creative, transformative technology, the opportunities for application are endless. We’ve been asked to consult on a number of public art installations which leads us to believe there’s a gap in the market. By collaborating with Wash we are in the strongest position to take on these projects and propose innovative, design-led solutions.”

Andy Walmsley, founder of Wash, added: “Through a partnership with ADI we can increase the diversity of our portfolio, while proposing LED for projects where it may not have been previously considered.”

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