Acoustic specialist ACS to operate under the wing of Pan Acoustics

Acoustic specialist ACS to operate under the wing of Pan Acoustics
Pan Acoustics and Acoustic Control Systems (ACS) are forming closer ties, announcing a shift to offer their technologies from a single source.

The two companies, that have cooperated for 20 years, will now act as one team whenever possible. Room acoustics specialist ACS assured its existing customers that it will maintain all its current locations and positions.

With a long history between them, ACS and Pan Acoustics’ close technical partnership saw the core of ACS, a 96-channel DSP unit, developed by Pan Acoustics in a contracting project with ACS.

Udo Borgmann, CEO, founder and owner of Pan Acoustics, said: "Now the expertise of both companies is coming together to form a great whole. We are looking forward to numerous synergies in sales and the development of new products."

At van den Heuvel, technical director at ACS, said: “Together, we share the goal to now even better consult our customers in the commercial, theatre and cultural sectors with holistic solutions and to support them in their implementation.??

"The holistic approach shall also pay off in terms of sustainability, entirely in the customer's interest. Pan Acoustics already offers a 10-year warranty for products developed and produced in-house.”??

Borgmann added: “I am absolutely convinced of the long-standing ACS quality. That's why we are extending this sustainable warranty of 10 years to ACS products with immediate effect, retroactively from 2020. Planned obsolescence is an outrage for us. We live sustainability and believe in our products - the customer may do the same."  ?

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