Abu Dhabi to get giant LED display

Abu Dhabi to get giant LED display
Abu Dhabi-based Synaxis Media & Advertising plans to unveil one of the largest LED advertising screens in the world - The Opulence - in the emirate on September 30, reports Gulf News.

Fahed M. Al Absi, the managing director of Synaxis, said it will essentially be an advertising space in Abu Dhabi for all major corporations, international brands and advertisers. It will be a slightly curved screen, measuring 28 metres by 8 metres, or 224 square metres, thereby making advertisements visible from as far as one-kilometre away.

He said that Opulence will be equipped with the latest pixel-technology and it will be able to handle both static and full motion advertisements.

Al Absi said it will allow advertisers to stretch their small budgets to have a wider reach and a larger impact. "The LED screen will be made in Taiwan. It will hold more than 24 advertisers, depending on the availability of time slots."

Though Synaxis will initially deploy a screen in Abu Dhabi, there are plans for three LED screens in the emirate. "We are also planning to expand our operations beyond Abu Dhabi by the end of 2009, based on feasibility," said Al Absi.

The launch of Opulence is part of Synaxis' plan to contribute to the 2030 economic vision of Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development (ADCED) for transforming the emirate into an international economic hub.

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