Absen hosts 100th training session

Absen hosts 100th training session
Absen has hosted its 100th Absen Certified Engineer (ACE) training session, taking place at Absen’s North American headquarters in Orlando, Florida, USA.

The ACE programme is a dedicated training course for Absen partners and customers involved in the installation, configuration and maintenance of Absen LED products. 

In 2019, 518 new Absen engineers were certified in 36 ACE training sessions in 22 locations around the world. 

The free to attend training session was split across two to three days with the ACE programme allowing engineers, technicians and freelancers to get hands on with Absen LED products, with instruction focussing on LED set-up, troubleshooting and LED control. 

Participants must also pass a written and hands-on practical test at the end of the training course, being awarded the status of ‘Absen certified engineer’ in Absen’s official graduation ceremony.