4Wall forms strategic alliance with Transition Video

4Wall forms strategic alliance with Transition Video
4WALL, a provider of lighting, video, rigging, and services, has announced a strategic alliance with UK-based video rental company Transition Video.

The alliance will create a mutually beneficial partnership between the two companies, giving both providers access to extensive video and lighting equipment across the UK. 

Transition Video, based in Aylesbury, specialises in concert touring, festivals and TV broadcast equipment, while 4Wall UK offers a  lighting and video fleet across its two locations in London and Blackburn, supported of course by the broader 4Wall offering across 11 locations throughout the USA.

The alliance will see both providers extend their capabilities to service large shows, giving both of their client bases access to a vast fleet of LED, lighting, projection and more, as well as a growing team of experienced technicians across the country.


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