4D system seeks to marry VR with audio

Tech startup company Next Galaxy is seeking funding for its Ceekars 4D system, which aims to address an element that the current crop of virtual reality headsets (such as Oculus Rift) out there in the market have chosen to ignore so far - audio.  Adding audio to the headset creates the full 4D experience for users.

Using a patented 4D sound technology, Ceekars uses physics-based audio rendering that assesses the physical attributes of the VR environment and overlays appropriate geometric data and haptic feedback to create a fully immersive and dynamic soundscape in real time.

Another feature is the use of haptic feedback inside the headphones’ headband.

An embedded actuator applies motions, pressures and vibrations based on sound intensity and range, for yet another level of immersion. This means users can hear and feel the rumble of a passing train or feel the vibration as a rocket takes off from the ground.