42 flexi EPD display unveiled in Japan

42 flexi EPD display unveiled in Japan
A 42" flexible display will be on show at Retailtech Japan from March 5 to 8, 2013 in Tokyo. Toppan Printing and Plastic Logic, developer of flexible plastic displays will show off a prototype they claim is the first flexible, reflective, digital signage module over 40" in size.

The elelectrophoretic display (EPD) module consists of 16 10.7" Plastic Logic monochrome flexible plastic displays, which have been tiled together, in a four by four configuration, to create a 42" diagonal display with an effective pixel pitch of 0.7 mm.

It is less than 3mm thick and lightweight. Developers suggest the unit can be hung on a wall like a poster.

Jin Endo, head of business development Center at Toppan Printing, said: "We are delighted to co-operate with Plastic Logic to open new frontiers with regard to large-area flexible EPD.

"This new signage solution offers all the benefits of current EPD signage, including ultra-low power consumption, which is crucial for disaster-ready applications in the post-earthquake society of Japan, but with the additional advantage of a much higher resolution and a considerably lower module weight."