3D ultrasound tech turns any surface touch sensitive

Touch technology is everywhere in the world of control panels and smart devices, but a new development in 3D ultrasound touch technology could allow almost any surface of any thickness to become touch interactive.

The breakthrough, named TouchPoint developed by Ultrasense Systems is what is claimed to be the smallest 3D ultrasound sensor developed, allowing any material of varying thickness to be used to create a button or gesture by using a controlled ultrasound beam with force sensing to make touch areas precise and responsive.

The device is comprised of an ‘all-in-one’ system on chip, comprising a ‘one button’ transducer and ASIC in a monolithic silicon die, designed for standalone operation from a host processor. 

Ultrasense Systems is aiming to target a variety of applications with the technology, including medical and industrial markets, appliances and home as well as mobile devices, smartphones and the automotive industry. 

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