3D technology offerings prominent at IBC

3D technology offerings prominent at IBC
Many of the display and projection manufacturers at IBC had 3D displays of one sort or another on view for this year’s show. In the world of technological size comparison, 3D is the new HD.

You can get your 3D fix in a number of flavours right now. With or without glasses, projected or from a flat panel display.

On the projection front, Christie and RealD teamed up to showcase the largest single projector 3D display. The combination of RealD XL technology with a Christie CP2000-XB allows 3D cinema content to projected on screens with a width greater than 75m.

Elsewhere on a smaller, but no less impressive scale, Sony had a technology demo of its own 3D display. Based again on the need for polarising glasses the 3D images were extraordinarily crisp compared to some of the efforts seen recently.

Philips demonstrated what it terms WOWvx with a 3x3 display built from 42” LCD displays featuring the technology. In contrast to other technologies, the Philips solution doesn’t require the use of special glasses. Whilst it doesn’t “pop” quite as well as the true Stereoscopic 3D technologies, the displays do certainly produce eye-catching depth and eye-catching is surely the name of the game for applications such as digital signage.